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We are Australia's newest Industry Association for Finance & Mortgage Brokers. We are a not-for-profit association and stand out from the rest as there is no conflict of interest in our charter; We are independent from the banks, aggregators, lenders, the regulator and government.

Finance Broker Education & Training Australia Inc (FBETA) represents brokers in Australia to further financial literacy and provides first class training and education that supports finance brokers and their career paths, its mission is to educate brokers as the professionals of choice in the mortgage and finance industry for consumers.


FBETA was created by brokers for brokers and is run by an elected committee supported by a National President and a secretary, we are a not-for-profit incorporated association and were formed in the belief that the establishment of proper professional education is vital to the integrity and future well being of the finance and mortgage broking industry.

We have partnered with Australia's leading educators and information bureau' to bring the industry what you have been asking for! As we know, change is the one constant in our industry, and with the support of FBETA we give our brokers access to the very best education, training and support network so they can stay focused on delivering exceptional customer experience.

ASIC REG: IA56786 / ABN 45 125 212 057

Finance Broker Association