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Shane Reynolds, National President

Shane Reynolds has been involved in Australia's finance industry for almost two decades, surviving the global financial crisis and now the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the CEO of Blessed Financial Services best-selling author of self-help and financial books, including ‘Get a second Opinion Before You sign’.


His new new book just dropped 'Get a Second Opinion before You Sign' Published September 2020 by Archway Publishing.

Australia's first book on non-bank lending and construction finance is indispensable for those working in the commercial mortgage field-as well as borrowers looking to obtain a mortgage.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:
- avoid predatory lenders looking to make a quick buck;
- succeed in uncertain times, identify opportunities, and secure funding into the future;
- select a broker who'll look out for your best interests;
- navigate various transactions.
Reynolds also explains the history of lending in Australia, the impact of the global financial crisis and Novel Coronavirus on Australian banks, and private lending products.

Filled with checklists, a glossary, and insights on where to go for more information, this complete guide to non-bank lending and construction finance is a timely reminder that what glitters may not be gold-and too much debt can swallow your financial legacy. All profits donated to FBETA.

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